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Experts in Flatbed Towing



Improperly parked cars are a major problem. If you own or manage condos, apartments or a commercial building, we can help you control your parking problem. Please contact us to get more information about our free impound signs and our service areas.

We offer private impound services for your business's parking lots and properties. To begin impound service, print out a Private Property Impound Contract, fill it out, and mail us the signed copy. When we receive the contract, we will post your property. Then fill out an Authorization and call us when you have a vehicle that needs to be impounded.

Please contact our office to discuss setting up an account today! (Ask about our metal impound signs using your company's logo)


MAC Towing offers two different abandoned vehicle auctions every month. One auction is at our Redmond location and is every third Saturday* of the month with the auction starting at 11 am sharp and viewing starts at 8am. We also have an auction at our Woodinville location every third Thursday*. Auction time is 11am sharp and viewing starts at 8am.

*If the auction day falls on any holiday the date will be adjusted accordingly.

Please contact our office for dates and times in these situations.

Contact MAC Towing to get on our auction notice list by emailing [email protected]


Our auction is held in accordance with the revised code of Washinton (RCW) 46.55.130.

The list of abandoned vehicles scheduled to be auctioned is available one week prior to the auction date and may be viewed on Facebook. You may also contact our office during business hours to be placed on our auction notice list.

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